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Amazing game, with true "directing" skills. I love your narrative design and can't wait to share your work with my students. Many thanks for this gem !


this was so sweet and enlightening, thank you :]


This is so beautiful!

my heart goes out to you, dev. as everyone had said, this was beautiful.


this is something i cant really just take in browsing recent games, but even from the beginning it is beautiful. 

beautiful game

that was brilliant, thank you

awesome game


Incredible! A beautiful story and a charming aesthetic. Now to replay...


as someone who's always wished for a do-over so that things would be "better", this game is such a nice and very welcome perspective


beautiful and heartbreaking, bitsy is an amazing engine used by amazing creators 

this was so well done! so nostalgic. really captured a feeling well! and very well written, i didn't see some things coming!! <3 



its a beautiful game but dam the music track combined with the cute art style gives off that type of like 'cute' horror idk but good job regardless


its not really meant to be cute if thats something youre worried about for some reason


ik its not, its just the vibe i got from it, plus by cute horror i meant horror that gives off that comforting yet uncanny vibe

also im not worried lol


this is such a pretty game and i love the story about it. As a person who's an outcast in class this hit me so much especially the part where the protagonist wants to defend rebecca, i always think about it in the back of my head to try to step up on others when i see myself in them because i wanted to help them but i still can't do it. Thank you for making this beautiful game


really hit home. the simplicity lends so well and i love this game :)

the horror/suspense bit was so fitting. the fear one feels for themselves absolutely feels like that. i normally do not like horror in any media i consume, but that was so so so... right? i absolutely loved the game, thank you very much

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did you mod bitsy for this?


i need to see how you did it!!!

there are some hacks involved yes! the most prominent one is the dialogue choice hack, and theres probably some others that i usually include like transparent sprites and such...

anyway hacks are available here:

and for the music im pretty sure i used candle's bitsymuse tool:



Great game. Very clever. Nice interface and interaction.


goosebumps. really cute yet deep game. i enjoyed this.


thank you and have a great day.

Thank you for creating this game, thank you so much.



This game made me feel nostalgia and I'm still in somewhat highschool, secondary highschool I guess. But I got hit by the feels especially where the MC lamented on their stupidity over mindless annoyance and not stepping up for someone, and oh god the ending, it was wonderful to read what the MC truly wanted. Such a great short game! Really made me think and have this ache (good one!) in my chest!!


wow—this game beautifully captures a lot of feelings i've been experiencing lately. i found myself fully captivated from beginning to end, both by the writing and the art/animations. i teared up a lil bit at that ending :') remembering is good, but so is accepting & moving on. thanks for making & sharing this!

this was a beautiful experience!!


"i want to love, and to be loved. I want to feel better and be better." :')) thank you for this

awesome game :)

beautiful!!!!!! thanks for this


A very relatable story presented in a very intersting way!


deeply relatable. thank you <3


This is such an amazing game! The story was amazing, and I love the way it switches through different memories! Overall 10/10 :)


I sincerely Thank you for this, that was an amazing experiences, i feel like i did went back to memory lane, and i personally relate to everything that was talked about in this game, i honestly teared up a bit, cuz in a sense i kinda felt stagnant and just want to forget. 

i guess i needed that experience


nice – keep on doing this


this was an absolutely gorgeous game! it was so personal but so relatable at the same time. it really touched me, and everyone else evidently!! congrats <3

Thank you. This was lovely. We're all more alike than we realize.

Just beautiful.

The one who created the game , if you are reading this ... PLEASE PLEASE make a standalone version of this game . GEMS like these are to be preserved for the upcoming generations to come !


10/10. Your work is beautiful, meaningful, profound. Thank you. <3


That was an amazing short tale. Reminded me lots of school memories too, and it felt good, even if sometimes some memories did hurt. Thank you :)

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