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Thank you for creating this game, thank you so much.


This game made me feel nostalgia and I'm still in somewhat highschool, secondary highschool I guess. But I got hit by the feels especially where the MC lamented on their stupidity over mindless annoyance and not stepping up for someone, and oh god the ending, it was wonderful to read what the MC truly wanted. Such a great short game! Really made me think and have this ache (good one!) in my chest!!


wow—this game beautifully captures a lot of feelings i've been experiencing lately. i found myself fully captivated from beginning to end, both by the writing and the art/animations. i teared up a lil bit at that ending :') remembering is good, but so is accepting & moving on. thanks for making & sharing this!

this was a beautiful experience!!

"i want to love, and to be loved. I want to feel better and be better." :')) thank you for this

awesome game :)

beautiful!!!!!! thanks for this

A very relatable story presented in a very intersting way!

deeply relatable. thank you <3

This is such an amazing game! The story was amazing, and I love the way it switches through different memories! Overall 10/10 :)

I sincerely Thank you for this, that was an amazing experiences, i feel like i did went back to memory lane, and i personally relate to everything that was talked about in this game, i honestly teared up a bit, cuz in a sense i kinda felt stagnant and just want to forget. 

i guess i needed that experience


nice – keep on doing this

this was an absolutely gorgeous game! it was so personal but so relatable at the same time. it really touched me, and everyone else evidently!! congrats <3

Thank you. This was lovely. We're all more alike than we realize.

Just beautiful.

The one who created the game , if you are reading this ... PLEASE PLEASE make a standalone version of this game . GEMS like these are to be preserved for the upcoming generations to come !


10/10. Your work is beautiful, meaningful, profound. Thank you. <3


That was an amazing short tale. Reminded me lots of school memories too, and it felt good, even if sometimes some memories did hurt. Thank you :)

You are amazing!🤩 Your work is brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!!! Discovering your games has been the best thing that happened to me this year


You are amazing. Your work is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Discovering your games has been the best thing that happened to me in this year.

what the HELL HOW ARE ALL YOUR GAMES SO PRETTY AND DEEP THEYRE JUST SO GOOD UGHHHH i'm a huge fan, congrats on being an amazing developer <3


Wow, amazing and beautiful


Amazing! And so personal. Thank you. I think it's incredible that this experience transcends both conceptually and visually all of our expectations. The world is a better place because you made this.

And I agree, forgiveness, forgiving ourselves and forgiving others is how we can be released of anxiety, of guilt, of hate. Such a beautiful message.

You should send a message to Rebecca. And Abigail.

This game was comforting in a "everyone feels like this" and existentialist sorta way. Thank you


i think that i will remember this game for a long time.

Really well made. Good design, good music, touching story. I cried.

Wow, nice art work, nice story, and the dynamic between what you are telling and how you are telling it it´s aboslutely fantastic!

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Your games make me feel kind of awful... in a good way. I guess, in your games anyone can find something that can recall things from one's own experience. Thank you for that and keep it up.



Hey, I don't know when this was made. I don't know if you are still responding, or if you ever were, but, I just wanted to say that this game is... the first thing in a long time that makes me feel... i don't know, seen? heard? whatever. it makes me feel okay. I grew up with undiagnosed adhd, clinical depression, anxiety, and a whole heaping helping of anger issues. I was so mean. As a kid, and a teen. I was evil. I would say things and do things and treat people like objects. I was truly the worst person.

Now, I lay awake at night thinking about all the people I hurt. Luckily, I had a change of heart senior year (my parents finally let me go to therapy) and apologized to everyone. I actually made good with a lot of people. But as someone who knows what it's like to have people out there who still think of you as this seething container of poison and all things toxic, it's really nice to read these words about being allowed to grow.

Thanks for sharing this. It's... real cool? I don't know, sorry for being so wordy. Hope you feel seen or heard or okay or whatever some time soon too.


thanks so much for the kindly comment! i'm so glad the game resonated with you. glad also that growing older has been good to us.


<3<3<3 i loved this game, thank you


I really connected with this. It feels really close to feelings I had around high school and growing up and being a kid with the internet as my main outlet. Thank you for making it!


I'm in tears... :")


This reminds me of the first time I played the game "Emily is Away" when i was still in High School. Now I am only weeks away from entering University and discovered this game. The story really resonated with me and makes me think about my past decisions. Great job on creating such a moving piece!


Really loved that, it felt personal


It's beautiful, I can relate to this game on whole new level


so good! i wonder if it's beautiful because we can all relate to it at some point or beautiful because it explains such complicated emotions quite simply in form of interactive game story...gah, it's so good!!!

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