a bitsy game commissioned by and first published on voiceworks online in december 2019

it's a game about high school memories, growth and being online late at night

made with the help of rory green, who is an amazing editor and person

music is royalty free – 1 2

bitsy hacks and tools used

[made in bitsy v6.4]

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(531 total ratings)
Authorcecile richard
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Bitsy, Coming Of Age, Pixel Art, poem, Singleplayer, Walking simulator

Development log


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This is a really lovely game, both in art and story. I want to say it reminds me of Night In The Woods (another lovely game), especially the very beginning and the very end.

good catch, this game was 100% heavily influenced by NITW!

thank you so much for making this game. it really depicts what it's like entering your adulthood with still fresh wounds of your school life. i needed that <33

This is a beautiful masterpiece.


You are the bitsy master


Hey, I want to say that I love your game. I needed it somehow. I thought I was going to play a fun little game, that's it. I did not know that I was going to relate to it in many ways. So thank you, and keep up the good work!


A video game has never made me cry. I was on here looking at games because I want to make one and I wanted to see if bitsy could support what I had in mind. I clicked on this one to see if it was a similar as I thought it'd be to what I had in mind. I played through the entire thing despite the fact that I have horrible ADHD and cannot focus on anything, and I sobbed. I'm young, 16, and I never went to school. I was homeschooled, and for years I longed to go, to have memories away from my home, to have friends, to have somewhere I can go that isn't fictional. Recently my life has been changing a lot. My long-distance boyfriend proposed to me, and I plan on leaving my home when I turn 18. I found out I have autism, ADHD and severe clinical depression and that my household is abusive. It's been a rough year for me. the voice near the end, it felt like giving up; something I've been wanting to do for so long now. This game was something I clicked on out of boredom and I don't think I'm ever going to emotionally recover from it. Thank you.


this was really amazing to play, thank you for making it. I graduated high school 15 years ago (yeeeeesh) and still feel like this sometimes. it really resonated with me.

thank you for this game so much!! as a teen, weeks away from graduating from high school, this topic has been a tough one for me lately, and this really made me think about some stuff in a new light :,)

for anyone reading the comments without having played the game yet, please do. you won't regret it


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I'm literally crying. It was something i needed. The main character is so.... me. I always look back and can't ignore my memories. And his stories are similar to mine.

I want to say Thank You to someone who made this game. I am touched and i'm a little bit healed by that game and by knowing that there are people who feel the same.

I absolutely loved this- as a teen myself it is a nice reminder that just bc i dont go to parties and drink or smoke that it doesnt mean im missing out on some crazy important experience, and as someone who has done a lot of shitty things, it is also nice to think about how I am the kind of person I am today because I have changed and developed due to those actions and experiences. Awesome game. 

I loved this so much!!


Thank you for this game! A lot of it was relatable and somehow I feel healed from the eye part. I guess because I was reading it aloud, it was like self affirmations. It made me feel so much better about my past. I want to forgive myself too.

love the choice of reading out loud. it hits different doesnt it? thank you for the kind words :)


I loved this so much!! This is such a creative way to use bitsy

as a tumblr user and a high school student worried about not doing enough, i related to this. it made me feel Emotions. this game is art. the tag "poem" accurately fits. please play this if you get the chance. 


Amazing game, with true "directing" skills. I love your narrative design and can't wait to share your work with my students. Many thanks for this gem !


this was so sweet and enlightening, thank you :]


This is so beautiful!

my heart goes out to you, dev. as everyone had said, this was beautiful.


this is something i cant really just take in browsing recent games, but even from the beginning it is beautiful. 

beautiful game

that was brilliant, thank you

awesome game


Incredible! A beautiful story and a charming aesthetic. Now to replay...


as someone who's always wished for a do-over so that things would be "better", this game is such a nice and very welcome perspective


beautiful and heartbreaking, bitsy is an amazing engine used by amazing creators 

this was so well done! so nostalgic. really captured a feeling well! and very well written, i didn't see some things coming!! <3 



its a beautiful game but dam the music track combined with the cute art style gives off that type of like 'cute' horror idk but good job regardless


its not really meant to be cute if thats something youre worried about for some reason


ik its not, its just the vibe i got from it, plus by cute horror i meant horror that gives off that comforting yet uncanny vibe

also im not worried lol


this is such a pretty game and i love the story about it. As a person who's an outcast in class this hit me so much especially the part where the protagonist wants to defend rebecca, i always think about it in the back of my head to try to step up on others when i see myself in them because i wanted to help them but i still can't do it. Thank you for making this beautiful game


really hit home. the simplicity lends so well and i love this game :)

the horror/suspense bit was so fitting. the fear one feels for themselves absolutely feels like that. i normally do not like horror in any media i consume, but that was so so so... right? i absolutely loved the game, thank you very much

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did you mod bitsy for this?


i need to see how you did it!!!

there are some hacks involved yes! the most prominent one is the dialogue choice hack, and theres probably some others that i usually include like transparent sprites and such...

anyway hacks are available here: https://seleb.github.io/bitsy-hacks/

and for the music im pretty sure i used candle's bitsymuse tool: https://kool.tools/bitsy/tools/bitsymuse-ui/



Great game. Very clever. Nice interface and interaction.


goosebumps. really cute yet deep game. i enjoyed this.


thank you and have a great day.

Thank you for creating this game, thank you so much.



This game made me feel nostalgia and I'm still in somewhat highschool, secondary highschool I guess. But I got hit by the feels especially where the MC lamented on their stupidity over mindless annoyance and not stepping up for someone, and oh god the ending, it was wonderful to read what the MC truly wanted. Such a great short game! Really made me think and have this ache (good one!) in my chest!!


wow—this game beautifully captures a lot of feelings i've been experiencing lately. i found myself fully captivated from beginning to end, both by the writing and the art/animations. i teared up a lil bit at that ending :') remembering is good, but so is accepting & moving on. thanks for making & sharing this!

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