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are we still here?

I like things like this so much! Very good narrative, clearly expressed thoughts and feelings. Keep it up!


I love this game so much! I definitely relate to the narrative of this game a lot.


this game is my type!


I love this sm and it's made by a melburnian too! keep making beautiful things <3


My phone says: “Loading please wait” .. and I wait, but nothing happen :?

i'll poke the Going Down Swinging folks about it, not much i can do on my end.

you can still play the game without having to interact with the AR bits, there's no extra text or whatever so you really wouldn't be missing that much!
it's just a static image superimposed on the game screen

Thanks for the help :)

wow this is lovely

Incredibly atmospheric and lovely in its simplicity.  
Thanks for making and sharing!
-Fish Chiesa

i love it!


Absolutely amazing. Nothing more to say

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Beautiful! Just beautiful.

lovely vibes

This is so smart and innovative, I love it!

Hello, how did you add extra color to the sprites on bitsy 3d?

apologies for taking my time with the reply!

for adding extra colours to a palette in bitsy:

for adding extra colour to a single sprite, i've superimposed tiles by combining extra layers (by pressing Shift to see the grid and adding a sprite on an upper level) and fiddling with each tile/sprite's 3D settings window, you'll find that using the "transform" settings with "children" allows you to do a lot of cool stuff.

it's been a while since i made this game so im sorry if this explanation^ is unclear, i suggest you take a look at the game build (which i've just made available to download) and see what kind of horrible sorcery ive done in there.

Thank you very much! This is very helpful .

I love your work.....!!

beautiful <3

loved the vignettes and their soothing colors :)



Loved every second of it! Your games never disappoint. Thank you!

Also, I couldn't read the 3rd QR code ;(

thank you! also the 3rd QR code is fixed now :)

very kool game. love the pixel 3d optic and the general vibe. i would also like to mention that my phone couldn't read the 3rd QR code. the particular code actually looks a lil smudgy too.


thanks! i'll look into making the QR codes easier to scan hmm, cheers for letting me know!