made for the 26th monthly #bitsyjam – theme "one room"
music is this night has opened my eyes from nicky flowers' project the smynths


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really beautiful... <3

wonderful. excellent use of colour

this is EVERYTHING! incredible work 


Oh wow, this is excellent. Visuals, text, music choice; nicely done.


beautiful, short, effective- you really know how to make bitsys in a way that shows how much potential the genre has! I cant wait for your next piece <3


Wow - great art and a moving narrative. Brilliant.


this is really gorgeous. I love the floor plan style of it - and I especially love the final scene :) 


I loved this! The story is touching, the art is astonishing, and the two come together perfectly <3


This Bitsy is lovely and heartwarming.


This is gorgeous, such nice art and palette. Really intriguing sense of world.


Oh my word, so so so beautiful, The writing, the art, from start to finish. LOVE <3 Your colours in particular are super effective.

thanks so much! yeah once i pinned down my colours i was like “this is it!!”, made me really happy!


Your pixel art is SO GOOD my gosh.

thank you lenny 💖