use WASD/arrow keys to move around and interact.
click inside the game screen if the game is unresponsive at first.

made for the 2019 #bitsy secret santa, for janosc
with the prompts "multiple narrators, coincidence, misunderstanding"
music is Noire #1 by Music by Pedro

bitsy hacks and tools used

[made in bitsy v7.2]

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(122 total ratings)
Authorcecile richard
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Christmas, Crime, Detective, Noir

Development log


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Ahah that was great!

Great use of Bitsy, and love the different endings.

incredibly charming, i loved it

also, where can i listen to the music

I love the atmosphere of this little pudding crime game. Beautiful done. Highly enjoyed.

shees, would like to see more updates in the future


snazzy and jazzy as always another injustice justified

Cute little story, quick play, nice graphics and controls. A really wonderful job! <3

ah this was refreshing and nice.  lovely lil pudding mystery.
-FishChiesa | artist | Box of Mushrooms

Nothing running in the background and the screen is still black.


next week i’ll look into adding a title screen to make it clearer that you have to press wasd or arrow keys to start the first dialogue. it says this in the description but i guess a black screen would make anyone think the game is not working!


added a start screen. let me know if youre still getting a black screen!


Very stylish artwork!

At first i also thought that it was not working: all i could hear was the music over a black screen. I waited for the game to do something on its own, then i reloaded, and the same thing happened. After a while i pressed keys as random and **then** it did show me something.

Maybe if the “crime… crime is everywhere.” was seen from the beginning would cause less confusions for some of us.

I am glad i persisted, though; it would be a shame not solving _that_ crime :)

thanks for the feedback, ive been way too busy lately and this game is old enough to not be a priority BUT i’ll be looking into having a little start screen at the beginning instead of the black screen. tbh i made this during a jam with very little time and i didnt expect people to still be playing it now (i think more people have been playing this lately too?) which is why i didnt really think of adding that then.


I'd really like to play this, but i only see a black screen

do you have any music playing? what browser/platform are you using? i need more info to look into fixing whatever issue you’re running into


added some extra instructions in the description because it might be unclear for people unfamiliar with bitsy. basically if the game is unresponsive you can click into the game screen and then use WASD or arrow keys to move around/interact with things. hopefully this should work but let me know if it doesnt!

it's not working


what’s not working?


weird to downvote when im trying to help but anyway, i wrote this in a comment above but if the game is unresponsive at first you can click into the game screen and then use WASD or arrow keys to move around/interact with things. hopefully it should work but do let me know if it doesnt!

absolutely stylish

Very cool, thank you!

(1 edit) (+3)

So there was a murder... just not the kind I expected.

itch recommended this game to me and I knew I had to make a video of it! Loved the music and loved the art! True mystery!


Oh, to be a crow and eat good, good pudding...

This game is really nice! I like the graphics and the noir music, it really fits the mood. I'm looking forward to more stuff like this!


The perfect crime! Love the graphics, atmosphere and melody!! Honestly, guy, you deserve more credit for these games. I didn't even know Bitsy games could look this good!


not a guy but thank you!


Oh sorry! >< Excellent work, friend!


Hey! I can't believe the itch algorithm suggested me this - it's so similar to my game I just updated! I like your game's style, and the narration through memories. I am inspired to work with this idea sometime.

As for "my game" that I mentioned, it is also a mystery involving a missing food item... if you wish to check it out, it is here!


This is so clever....I love a good multiple-ending crime.

Now I'm craving pudding!!


I thought this was a murder mystery.. but it turns out to be worse!! It was a pudding murder mystery!

I'm so sad I haven't come across you sooner!! 

Your works are absolutely brilliant and I love them! Short, cute, compelling, and sweet! I can't say enough in words how much I love them.

Thank you for making these games.. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you in the future! :D


I can't play it? The screen just goes black after I press 'run crime'


ah! i think you might need to click on the black screen after “run crime” and then press any arrow key to start. i’ll see if i can make this a bit clearer in-game.


oh, thank you! cute game btw ^^


OH THIS SO SOOOOO GOOD!!!!! I LOVE THE ART!!! THE STYLE OF THIS PAGE!!! THE THREE ENDINGS!!! the method of going thru their testimonies and just the flow of the game!! its utterly brilliant!!!


omg this has such a good vibe, i love it!

(2 edits) (+4)

The graphics are excellent! And I liked that you get to play out the suspects' testimonies. I hope we get to see more of my new favorite corvid detective in the future...


Justice never tasted so sweet... Thank you so much, I love it!

so glad to hear you like it!!! hope u spend some good holidays




short and sweet <3