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wow that hit really close to home

im gonna be real honest, i teared up a bit. i think i really needed to see this. time to listen to the soundtrack now, because i adore it.

glad someone made super cute videogame of my life and that im not the only one that feels like this.


same, when i was playing i thought  i'm playing jacob simulator.


i literally think its impossible for you to make a bad game


The cable trip was so perfect! I love this!

indie game devs + indie bands= YES DUDE! this was a fantastic play, the usage of the guitar as audio was so creative and really went with the theme of a downward spiral and panic attacks. This game was so wholesome, and you know i am def gonna check out this band. Cheers, and thank you for the bootiful game! your work has never disappointed me so far, so dont screw up/j

Very short but really effective game. Great portrayal of panic attacks in particular. 

I just learn how to create bits game and your work really inspired me

Really like this ! good work


awesome. mood, music, story, beautiful work

hopeee hmmm nagito vibe


"All this cool stickers I can't commit to stick anywhere permanently... "❤️

I felt terrible the day I found this game, but I felt better after passing it. Cecile, thank you so much for the game and for introducing me to Cable Ties! Love them.

This game was so refreshing to play, I love everything about it! The song is incredible and the visuals are perfect!


How did you make such responsive text?

beautiful !

god. relatable. so good.

I do get all in my head sometimes, when it would really make more sense to call someone and talk. I haven't really cultivated those kinds of relationships though.


My last move was just like this. Amazing.


I love the idea of bringing game devs and musicians together to jointly promote one another. I'm all for that and would love to see more of it!

HOPE is a simple game that deals with complex issues, and it does it in such a succinct, fun and yet fabulously hard-hitting way. Depression and anxiety are issues that so many people deal with on a regular basis, and any game that helps spread awareness of how that feels, and also the best way to help, is a winner in my book!

So play this. Enjoy the great music (maybe check the band out too). Lean back. Take a breath. Think about whether anyone you know might need a helping hand with something. Or whether you're the one that needs a helping hand.

Honestly, games like this uplift me so much and fill me with... funnily enough... hope. Great stuff, really enjoyed it, hopefully many other people come across this and feel the same way!

What did you use to make it?

hi! i used bitsy:


the sound cues ~


Somehow this really hits home, I had to pause for a minute.


I really loved this game. It spoke to me very personally. It almost felt like i was the character. I cried during the panick attack scene. It was really well done, good and simple design with a short and beautiful story. I also love the message in the end. Thanks for giving some hope !

Really Cool little game, enjoyed messing around with it 

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So sweet and evocative! The music didn't play for me but it might be something to do with my settings. I love how much you were able to do in bitsy, and the retro look! The panic attack was so relatable, great job of evoking those feelings while keeping the game still hopeful overall. 

Stuck on the title screen,; kept clicking & refreshing. It isn't working.

have u pressed WASD or arrow keys at all? 

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I believe you press E instead or a certain key


An aesthetically pleasing game. I love that…

Super lovely! I'm really glad I played it.

Beautiful game and I´m so proud that exist game devs like you that really cares about convey true emotions through videogames!. Playing this really made my day :)


love the vibe, the end made me feel happy :)


Just wanted to say your game made me cry.
I don't usually cry. Thank you.

this is the simplest FUN game i have seen in a while :)

this was so beautiful and wholesome. left me in a hopeful headspace. thanks :)

Love the design and colors in this!!!!! 

beautiful game

I dig this game and the music. Good work.

Very cool game, I like it!

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