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Amazing solutions and tricks for a Bitsy game. So much to learn from! The art is fantastic, and the music is really cool (a great initative to bring indie bands and indie game developers!)


Loved it! The illustration is super creative and fitting for the game's themes. Great music as well!


Outstanding job Cecile! I adored this game. It was short and sweet and the art is aaamazing bro. <3


The dialogue, music, sfx, game design, all of it is so good. It felt natural and the music makes me feel a certain emotion, not sure what, maybe nostalgia or the dread of growing up idk. For a really short game, it's got a lot of depth, so much story to tell. I was immediately drawn to the mc's thoughts and  I absolutely loved how they interacted with that other guy, even though they were just talking and packing it brought a smile to my face. It was quite an interesting experience. I hope you get all the love for making this game!


The part of packing is really sweet and clever! And the music is perfectly matched the game.


Eu amei esse game, é tão maravilhoso e as musicas são excelentes !!!! 😍💜

Parabéns e obrigada 💜


loved it, absolute vibe city.


The game had just the sound of the door and the milk. We didn't heard any music :(


uh oh! did you play it on mobile? i need to fix the audio for mobile in particular, but it should be working fine on desktop (do let me know if you're having this issue on desktop though!)

It was on desktop!


damn ok i'll see if i can look into fixing it this weekend, thanks for letting me know!

Awesome music and I love the color palette used in this

a nice game, a awesome music and an importante message!!

Lovely game, lovely music, lovely message ^^ 
Great use of colour too!

Awesome, I didn't expect to like it so much. Great job

thanks so much! finally got around to watching this video, your commentary is good! also when the character tripped and fell, they're absolutely not supposed to do that. i laughed so hard when that happened because i didn't even think you could go back after falling! might fix it, might also keep it in because it's funny...

Hey thanks for watching, glad you liked it. Yeah that fall was funny I think you should keep it as a funny glitch.

dam, this was great!

This is brilliant. And I love the music.. just a great fit, well done!

Quite effective and the pixel art work well !

Thanks so much for playing. I can't wait to expand this into the project I want it to be ^_^


Is it a good game

I am impressed with how well this looks and was put together in a simplistic game maker. And I love how much potential it has to be relatable to the player (I can relate on certain levels).


WOW This Is So Good The Pixel Art, Music And The Name But Is Short, But I Like It. Good Work ;)


Aww this is really sweet and really cleverly implemented. Awesome work!

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I wish a had a friend like that. Nice game :)

this is the coolest

A short story about hope, it was a short experience, but a rather emotional one. The message of this game is not cheap nor trivial, few bits contain a reality that many people live on a daily basis, ourselves included.
The soundtrack makes the atmosphere even more immersive. It is really a great game...<3

This was the most charming thing I've experienced all week, thank you!

This was wonderful! Great art and sound design, really popped, such a unique look and feel.Quite eye catching, I was hooked straight away, thanks for making this!

I'm WAY impressed by this. Very relatable and grabbed me emotionally. Awesome work.

this was an experience i wasent expecting when i opened the game, i enjoied every part of it, fill like a hole story told in some minutes. Love how you managen to express each emotio

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The music meshes really well with the story. Very well done!

Such a cute awesome game


Fantastic experience, well done, truly

This gave so many feelings! The music slaps and is really uplifting to me now I can't stop listening to it :)


Delightful game that really resonates with me. Well-made and well-paced. Thank you!

As always, this is great! FYI: I don't think the music works on mobile. If you're using Bitsymuse, there is a way to fix that if you're interested.

i AM using bitsymuse! would love to hear about the fix!




This was beautiful, thank you for another precious work


I really enjoyed playing this. It feels very personal & I'm glad folks like you take the time & effort to make stuff like this. Thanks ;)

another great one. love your work c:

Nice! And the music is great!

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Wow. That's a very relatable story. Art and SFX are so good! ***** Thank you cecile!

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