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a sci-fi bitsy game about grieving, holding on to fading memories, and carrying the world on your shoulders, made for LIMINAL magazine's GLITCH series, released in June 2020 as part of the Emerging Writers' Festival.

use wasd or arrow keys to move and interact
content warning: allusions to grief, death
click on the title screen at the beginning if it’s unresponsive at first

soundtrack: Elegy For A Cosmonaut, made in beepbox.co

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for Ruslan


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love this. explains grief and missing someone very well.



i dont even know what to say. this is a masterpiece. extremely underrated. best thing ive found in a while. 

i loved it, made me tear up

how do i start (web)

you need to be more specific here

how do I start the game on the web version 

click on "run elegy" button, then use wasd or arrow keys. it's in the description.

k thanks

This is a masterpiece.

I found it very emotionally impactful. It perfectly captures my feelings regarding experiences and how I (mis)remember them, which is something that is very significant in my life.

Great job, and thank you for creating this.




Great work. The music was especially awesome. Loved it!

Oh shit, feels. :')


This made me cry. It was so beautiful and moving. It really resonated with me. 

Same, what a beautiful and deeply touching short experience.


I cried. Everything about this is beautiful, the wording, the low pixel sci-fi, the poetry, all of it. I can't think of a time when something made in a game engine has made me feel this much.

More interactive fiction than game, but was a lovely little story.  As a Melbournian myself, it was a little buzz to see it mentioned, and the 19 tram :)

hoping to slip in more parts of melbourne in my games as i make more...!

Keen to see it.


one more idea for soundtrack

kino-звезда по имени солнце (star called sun/zvezda po imeni solnce)

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Nice enough game, pretty simple! It was a bit hard to work out where to go all the time in the game. But the story was very ... distant. It was a very good story. I like it, but wasn't that impressed with the story all that much. I couldn't always work what was going on.

Edit (15/08/2021): Admittedly I'm not sure how much sleep I was on when I wrote the first part. Cringy. I meant to say I liked the story, but it didn't really speak to me as I felt like the intention was. It was more of ... the observer observing the observer vibe rather than truly being connected to the word and the character. Added clarity due to comment below. ;)

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i think this might be the worst comment ive ever received, congrats


Deeply sorry you were disappointed in my comment. I did not mean to offend. Just because the story didn't resonate with me does not mean it is a bad story, simply that I was not the intended audience. I can tell that effort and love was put into the game and if I truly disliked it, I would not have played it. It simply was not for me. But I am sorry if my words were ill-received. I was simply trying to be honest about how I viewed the impact of the story telling on myself and leave a comment to reflect my reasoning.
Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful day and joy in your projects. Not everyone is going to like all of your games - the important thing is that you found joy in making them and I can see from your comments that it has touched many others. The fact you have found someone who it hasn't touched as greatly isn't a reflection on your game quality.

At any rate, wishing you all the best!



i really appreciate you taking the time to clarify your previous comment, i definitely read it in a negative way (perhaps even more than you had intended). i now understand what you mean a lot more, thank you for this!

totally fair to feel that the game wasn't for you! it's a bit out there and admittedly deliberately written to be poetic and somewhat ambiguous.

i have a lot to learn still...

thank you mint, and i do wish you all the best also.


Glad things got cleared up!
Also, I'm pleased to find that your other game, novena, was one of the first I ever played on itch.io. :) It was one of the beginning games of my 'favorites' folder. Just wanted to note that.
(I think it's, like, buried in my '5 stars' folder, but it is indeed there, all the way at the start.)

Please do continue creating! Whether one story is or isn't for me, it deserves to be seen. ;)


thanks a lot for translating  such amount of emotion and tenderness into this beauty experience.

I've cried, and felt every single beat of the composition you made. 


why this is so beautiful?


Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for putting this into the world.

Quite touching, amazing!

Masterful, outstanding work =)


I'm in awe.


Thank you for sharing such a beautiful expression of loss and love


i can tell how much care went into making this and i'm grateful for it


beautiful <3


Lovely, thank you for the game!



absolutely beautiful.

Wow... Just wow...


Hi, we would like to feature this work in an exhibtion.  Let me know a good way to get in touch with you.


saw your email and answered! thank you for your patience :)

such a beatiful game, your story telling is spectacular. Thank you for this amazing experience :)

I'm sobbing. This game is precious. Thank u.


I lost someone very close to me and this just hit home. This is such a simple but beautiful game.


I was going to Let's Play this, but I started bawling halfway through the story. Phenomenal job.


I cried while playing it. I have a family very sick at this moment so it kinda made me think about the afterwards........  Thanks for this beautiful game!


Quiet, poetic and a pleasure to play.

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wow, this is so awesome! i loved it very much  < 3

this quote made me have a double take, it's so jtgrfvrjhberve

"Who do you blame for misfiling a memory

in the cabinets of your brain?"


10/10. Your games are just fantastic. Brilliant use of the medium to convey an emotional story. <3

Very emotional. A strong piece of a short game. Wow. Thank you.


This is so epic and beautifal game.


Such a small simple game but made me nearly cry..

so so beautiful <3

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