馃懇鈥嶐煔 馃審 馃専

a sci-fi bitsy game about grieving, holding on to fading memories, and carrying the world on your shoulders, made for LIMINAL magazine's GLITCH series, released in June 2020 as part of the Emerging Writers' Festival.

use wasd or arrow keys to move and interact
content warning: allusions to grief, death
click on the title screen at the beginning if it鈥檚 unresponsive at first

soundtrack: Elegy For A Cosmonaut, made in beepbox.co

馃挮 馃洶  馃寣 

for Ruslan

Development log


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I love this game. I supported it instantly. Just curious if there is plans for a download version to be released. I would love to make sure I will always have access to this masterpiece

i guess you could download it through the itch desktop app? i used to have a download of the html file available, can't remember why i took it offline though

oh cecile your games devastate me every time and i love you for it

Sometimes these games are like little packages of just raw emotion and every time I play one I'm just asking to be punched in the heart (and tear glands) lol


I cried for a lot of your work it's just so touching to me

me too man




I cried so hard from this little poem thing



That hits hard. Damn. Well done

i'm not lying when i say that this almost makes me cry, this is beatiful


almost?! i gotta try harder


please don't you're going to break my emotional stability if you do 




i forgot you're starting your evil era... 馃槶


wow, what a cohesive little package. great work!

(how did you make it pan like that??)

I love it. Thank you

Amazing jewel ! Thank you


i swear to god each bitsy gets more and more beautiful and amazing


absolutely beautiful




The scene in which he is revisiting his memories and eventually they fade away is powerful and relatable. The scene where he looks out the window and sees the vastness of the galaxy makes you feel like a spec of dust and lonely. 

The ending made me appreciate the moments I have with loved ones on ordinary days.  


Wow! I really love it. Short and emotionally dense. Amazing.

that was really, really good.

really really excellent. The art and audio and writing comes together extremely well.

This was beautiful


Thank you, it was amazing, made me cry. I didn't read the description and it caught me off guard. I guess it's been many years and it's time for my atlas and my spaceship to move on as well.


Looking back on the last day you spent with someone, especially when you didn't know it was going to be the last, is so strange and melancholy. The new hindsight that alllows you to notice foreshadowing or dramatic irony. Or just the feeling of regret you have to live with now. This was an absolutely beautiful game, and it made me feel a lot of things. Thanks for making it.

Yeah, the things we wish we'd said and done, and now the opportunity is gone forever, or at least until next life. It's a strange feeling I think is unique enough to have its own name, but I don't want it to have one.

If there isn't one in English, I'm sure French or German has one. They've got a word for everything. Haha

Haha true. Not sure if it's a blessing or a curse!

lovely piece of art right here


I want to cry, but i can't. I am sad and happy. It is so simple and yet so powerful. I have to hug my partner now. Ufff

Absolutely beautiful. Nicely done.

Incredible beautiful

I came across this little game in my news feed today. It's a beautiful tribute 馃槩馃檪 Well done.


Beautiful, Outstanding, Amazing. I love it. It is very poetic. I really want to think about what I've got now.


i played this today and it was really love, such a poem of a game and this is such a lovely piece of art you did awesome with this


Damn this hit close to home. Having a similar experience, but with more mixed emotions. Amaizingly well done!

(PS Great soundtrack!)



Cute short game experience. Thanks for it. Unfortunately, I don't know why, I wasn't able to hear any music.

refreshing does the trick with music i think? but most people dont have this problem so i really cant help you. i did upload the music here if you wanna listen to it: https://soundcloud.com/haraiva/elegy-for-a-cosmonaut

I tried but doesn't work. Don't worry, I enjoyed it anyways! I'll listen the music via sondcloud :D

i was talking about this with some peers but are you maybe using the itch desktop app to play games? apparently audio on web games are broken on there.

Sorry, I've just seen the message. 

Yes, I do use the desktop app. I'll teake a look on the game using the web. Thanks for the advise <3


Lost a dear friend last year. I'm terrified I'll soon forget the sound of her voice.

Just played this, and it's incredible. Gave me chills while playing. Thanks for sharing this.

So beautiful, so minimal, so imaginative. Thank you for this.

the writing sounded so beautiful, i love it. cant explain how this game made me feel, just... good. good game :)



Much feels.

Such combination of text, image and music.


This hit me harder than i expected. a very simple game yet absolutely beautiful, great job!


Never bought a game from Itch till today. You deserve it. This was amazing



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