music: ar锚te by brambles 

made for the 14th monthly bitsy jam

use your arrow keys to walk around and interact

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorcecile richard
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, bitsyjam, poem, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes


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every bitsy game you make has me tearing up truly masterful 

This is pure beauty. I simply loved it so much!

this work of art has now a spot in my heart forever <3


You're really talented. You took something so short and simple and made it beautiful and full of emotions. I'm blown away


!!! holy shit. 

This is beautiful 馃ゲ

(1 edit) (+1)

what little emotional stability I had left broke after this but like OH MY DOGE IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL


this is beyond beautiful!!


i'm genuinely crying after playing.thank you for this, it's a gorgeous and evocative little story. not so many people can make something so short that can make you feel so much. <3


this is very beautiful...thanku

absolutely beautiful! wow

Lovely :)

Wow this is deep stuff O_O


was she dying so she wished to visit again tomorrow?



I should visit the ocean again.


this made me smile;-)


Beautiful game.


Thank you for the gam!

I am smashed by how beautiful it is. Really masterful use of Bitsy.


A very tight little poem of a game. Game as short story. I loved it.


My God, what a fairy game!

This music is great!

this song... that feeling... This game is beautiful.

I feel like it's 200 years ago and I'm listening to this story at a campfire. It feels like a folktale.

this game is so incredibly beautiful

this game is poetry.

it was beautiful, thank you for making this.

I teared up in the end.

this is amazing.

I love this.


What a great experience. Thank you.


that was very beautiful. well done. 


This is so beautiful. It genuinely made me cry.


The final line is beautiful. 10/10 dude that was a really wonderful little experience.


This was a magical experience...

Thank you for creating this...




Maybe I understand the story. It's beautiful, it makes me want to see the ocean.


a wonderful work

It's very short but very good, it's quite nostalgic. I love history, design, music, everything.Thanks for doing this



and now i'm in tears. gorgeous. 

i want to go visit the ocean too. maybe tomorrow i will visit one of its relatives in the footprint of a glacier, a long time ago. 


say hi to the glacier! i miss the mountains


oh, it's a glacier that left millions of years ago! no mountains, just a very Great Lake (in this case, Michigan, but I was born next to Erie and my grandmother lived just north on the shores of apparently this is my destiny in some weird way). but i will whisper a hello to what's left of it and maybe the mountains will hear. i miss them too! <3


ohhh thats so cool! 


Breathtaking. A beautiful work.


This is really cool! I think the fact that you call it poem instead of game is also good as it really shows what this gam- poem is!

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