music: arête by brambles 

made for the 14th monthly bitsy jam

use your arrow keys to walk around and interact


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Wonderful poem, friend developer. Congratulations for this. It's true, we every time wish the divine grant our great wishes. But never think in wish a good and simple thing: Keep up living and gathering with our divines and come back tomorrow to just hear and thankful it. Might I rec this game? Sorry about my poor english. :)


Absolutely wonderful. Thank you.


gorgeous game, i loved the atmosphere sm


This is beautiful

a beautiful game. Short and sweet. Tells a beautiful story. I enjoyed It. 


Short, touching little bitsy game with some truly lovely backgrounds. I stopped moving sometimes just so that I could admire the ocean view. Tells a sweet story of connection for connection's sake -- haven't all of us, no matter how strong we may look, just wanted someone to listen sometimes?

This is gorgeous

that was really beautiful. thank you for making this.

the song: Brambles - Arête

This was really beautiful. 

I came to play a game, I left crying.

Found myself crying at the end. Very beautiful. Thank-you for sharing! <3

Very polished artsy title. The graphics are well done and the story is sweet.

Really awesome, love the art a lot

beautiful art <3

Very lovely and atmospheric. Simple yet beautiful - love the colors and sound.

it's so beautiful and amazing and sad and happy all at once...*sniff


Beautiful!! I loved everything about this game/poem. The writing, graphics, music, and presentation are all so well done! I felt really immersed while playing this! I love the way the ocean's text moves like waves and the way the ocean trembles when it says its own name. I love the day counter and the way the beach changes with the ocean's mood. The writing made me cry and I'm so happy with the way it ended ahkjshkdfjhsdf. I want to give both characters a hug!

Thank you for making this!

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I started the game not expecting much, jokingly reading the dialogue to my girlfriend in a funny voice, but quickly became serious fell in love with this. Absolutely beautiful concept, and execution. Really inspiring to see what people can do with restrictive tools like bitsy. Decided to delve into your other games too. Makes me want to make more concious content.


I see this as a remarkable allegory on God and the role humanity plays in environmentalism (not a hot take, but if anyone needs a little push: You play as a bird that wanders and listens, appreciating what the ocean has given them, wanting to listen to it's provider's woes (it's home that is now in pain). The people are angry, they only take what the ocean - a mystic, ever-morphing, almighty force of nature - grants to them (hence the automatic assumption after years of humanity's resource abuse and environmental negligence, that the ocean makes when a new living creature approaches - "you only want me to grant your wish") the bird, this living creature content with merely living in the land it is provided, wishes nothing from the oceans offer beyond continuing the life it lives on Earth.

I dunno, I know it's very black and white, but I just like to sort it out anyways.

This is an incredibly special vignette, worthy of the weight it's message caries.


So beautiful i needed this <3. This shows how coding is an art form.   

i'm seriously crying right now. this hit so hard. thank you for making a game like this. it is truly a masterpiece.

Wow...this calm and yet so deep. I'm at a loss for words...thank you.

I've been struggling with memories childhood abuse recently, and this made me feel better. Thank you.

If you're crying right now, it's definitely us, not just you

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A lot has been said and written about this game, but it is not enough. I wish for more from the author and the dev team.

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i’ve got more games on my page!

This is such a sweet story!

Really catchy atmosphere and style, cool!

A really sweet game. The pixel-equivalent on a good hug right when you need it. I did wonder, what composition tools are you using for your music?



this was utterly entrancing

it's a nice poem


it's so beautiful, thank you for those few moments


you will never know how much this means to me. I first encountered Novena a little over a year ago and i keep coming back. Everything about this is just perfect. The music, the pacing, the repetition. I keep coming back to this in low points in my life. I rarely cry and often can't when i really need to, but Novena never fails to produce tears. Eventually I may forget about this, but I won't. I won't because i"ll keep coming back. Someday I'll have this poem on a wall in my house. Not hung up, but painted or carved into the wall itself. I want to pass this on to my kids, I want to share this with my partner someday, I want so much and i'm really just rambling at this point but just know how much this means to me. It really, really does.


thank you so much! im really glad that novena brings you comfort or hope during hard times. my most personal games are very much a form of catharsis for myself and im glad that other people can feel the same kind of release/relief in them. keeps me going! so thanks for your comment.

it's such a nice poem

i cried its so good

I love it, it's such a beautiful story!

This is really beautifull...


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