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This is probably one of the prettiest  games I've ever sat through in a while. The music and scenery were utterly breathtaking, and the story was really powerful and moving.


This was short but incredibly powerful! One of the finest narrative story-driven games I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

As the days wore on, I felt myself connecting more and more with the words, and by the time I got to the end I was overwhelmed. Amazing what can be achieved in 15 minutes!

Keep up the amazing work, this really was something special! =)


This is gorgeous, I'm crying now!


Nice little game. I wish some of my questions were answered in the ending but they were not. 


A wonderful work of art!


The game is so beautiful... it reminds me of glitch, of which I only have a vague memory anymore, but I remember the quests you went on to help the deities or something like that.... I think it's truly a wonderful game :***

oh WOW i was a BIG FAN of glitch back when it was around! i had such a good time and i miss it every now and then. i can totally see how this is reminiscent of that game! thank you so much fellow glitchen!

This was such a beautiful story


This is the sweetest thing I've experienced in a long time. It has left me feeling some really unique emotions that I'm glad to be feeling.

I ended up here after looking into Bitsy and what it can do. After seeing this my heart swells with hope and my brain fills with ideas for storytelling . Great work!

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Am absolutely wonderful game,



Great game. Very relatable.


Bravo! Just a really nice game even with its simplicity.


I felt bad for the ocean. 

And I felt like the ocean. 

It was beatiful.

 And the music was just great.


Short but great. It struck the right chord with me since I live near the sea but I haven't visited it in a while.

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this was wonderful. a lot of bitsy games i've seen have left me confused and dissatisfied, but your game was different. it told a coherent story, it had some depth to it, and it made me feel things. thanks for making this.


I personally loved this small game it really calmed me down!



I enjoed it!

I agree with @EduardoFrancio, as suggestion maybe add a piano note or a chord at the very end to turn screen black so it blends with background and restarts like it already does.

I love this.

If I can give some feedback would to make the ending a little more dramatic with pauses maybe. nice experience anyways

This was really amazing I love how it explores the concept of wish granting entities.

i love this so much <33333

Watch Get Played | BitsyJam: Ocean from Tiger_J on

Sorry about the audio, My mic was not set correctly and it sounds muffled.

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such stellar work of storytelling and visual simplicity.

I absolutely loved this little game. The strory and writing were great. The music and art style complemented the story so greatly and I truely enjoyed this experiennce. I would love to see what else you make in the future because you clearly have talent. 

Absolutely gorgeous. A stunning use of the medium. I hope someday I can make something this beautiful.

i really loved this. the art was beautiful, the text was beautiful, the poem was beautiful.

I can't get it to work, the game isn't appearing for me, anyone know how to fix?

if you're stuck on the title screen, try clicking on the game again and it should be ok?

Thank you. Just thank you.

What a beautiful ending. Thank you for sharing your work <3


I don't like to indulge too much in hyperbole because I feel that it waters down the meaning of hyperbolic words for the next time they would have been appropriate to use.  That said, this is a really beautiful, profound, thoughtful bitsy piece that certainly gave me a lot to think about and feel.  The way in which you managed to express this message so simply and concisely is a mark of true artistic genius and I'll certainly be following your work from here on out.

Excellent <3... I didn't know what to expect but by the third screen I was hooked, this is very elegant. Your visuals are beautiful and the simple shaky text really got me.

this is really beautiful and moving!

I love it! the music works especially well with it. and I love the birde

There are many little details that make your game special, I especially liked the 'wavy' font for the sentences spoken by the ocean, but also the rhyme rhythm of the poem itself. Every aspect seemed to be in flow with each other; the text, the music, the pixel art ... Simply beautiful. Thank you very much for your work on this Bitsy game, which I really liked to recommend on our blog with an article and also uploaded a playthrough video for. <3

Best wishes,

It's so nice how the weather and the colors change with the mood. It's a good reminder that sometimes you just need to... be there for someone. Just being there and listening.

*sobs* the ocean deserves all the good things!!!! your art is so beautiful and the story so good!!

Nice atmosphere thanks to the music, topic and writing style. Thank you for this wonderful small game.

Beautiful. :)

this is beautiful, thanks so much!

Really, really neat! And I love the ending, wraps everything nicely

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