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this was utterly entrancing

it's a nice poem


it's so beautiful, thank you for those few moments


you will never know how much this means to me. I first encountered Novena a little over a year ago and i keep coming back. Everything about this is just perfect. The music, the pacing, the repetition. I keep coming back to this in low points in my life. I rarely cry and often can't when i really need to, but Novena never fails to produce tears. Eventually I may forget about this, but I won't. I won't because i"ll keep coming back. Someday I'll have this poem on a wall in my house. Not hung up, but painted or carved into the wall itself. I want to pass this on to my kids, I want to share this with my partner someday, I want so much and i'm really just rambling at this point but just know how much this means to me. It really, really does.


thank you so much! im really glad that novena brings you comfort or hope during hard times. my most personal games are very much a form of catharsis for myself and im glad that other people can feel the same kind of release/relief in them. keeps me going! so thanks for your comment.

it's such a nice poem

i cried its so good

I love it, it's such a beautiful story!

This is really beautifull...



this was so good! the interactive parts complemented the poetry parts so well!!

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I've played through this many times. The last line... gets me everytime

This is incredible.

Gorgeous and meticulous-- wow!

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I like how this simple game is so popular and highly rated. People always likes something which can move their heart. From this, I am motivated to create a game myself (even though I know nothing about game development).


im glad novena inspired you! this game is the first one i ever made, and it was made with a game engine named bitsy, which is fairly easy to use even if you dont know anything about game development.




Simple, but poignant. I needed to see this. Thank you for your wonderful work!


Nice work!The music and the story are both amazing,and i also like the detail changes of the background.


so beautiful


So beautiful!! Used everything you could; the art is gorgeous and the text is so sincere and the story is touching and the music is so perfectly suited. 

Just beautiful, very touching.


Impressively beautiful

This was a really touching and beautiful story. The soundtrack was amazing, and the simple design was really nice. I liked how the background changed as you kept going back. This was just a stunning creation!

Beautiful interactive ballad.

ribbit. for I am a frog. This game is short yet amazing. ribbity rib rib (That's frog for, um.... ribbit)

This was really touching!

Dominus vobiscum.


Wonderful poem, about the value of the prayer, to celebrate the cosmic whole. Excellent Work

this is amazing it makes me want to try change


What a beautiful story. I feel as though the "ocean" is someone who always gives, but never receives help when it comes to friendship until the main character came along, and in the end they helped each other through whatever they were going through. That's just my perspective though, I'm sure there's many others for everyone. Masterpiece! <3


i frickin love it!!!

it really moved me. thanks


So, so beautiful. This really moved me, so powerful.

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So simple, yet so powerful.
The music it's amazing.
The whole experience brought me to tears, I can't explain why.

This is beautiful.

Who would have thought you can play a poem.


Ahh this is wonderful! So nicely crafted 


So, so beautiful. Wow.


Absolutely beautiful.


OMG I had goosebumps this is so beautifully made!!!!!

holy shit. Beautiful. Thank you.


oh wow it is so beautiful! I feel I just played a poem. Thank you for this game


The art and story is beautiful. I enjoyed every second of going through it. Thank you

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