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What a beautiful thing you've shared with us. I'm very grateful for the effort and care you put into this. Thank you.

Thank you for this beautiful moment

actual poetry

such a beautiful experience

loved the msoundtrack tho <3


Lovely Game, especially the music


lovely game. it was really beautiful

best 4 minute game ever

Beautiful story. Wonderful music brought chills down my spine.

Very beautiful! Love the end


this was beautiful, the art is beautiful, the music is beautiful , thanku

Included at 37:14 

Wow, just wow! There are no words for this beautiful work of art.

Hermoso. Felicidades. :)

I hope this has inspired others to care about the ocean and nature more, just as it has moved me to do so.


beautiful work as always.


it's so simple, it's so deep, like ocean.

Thanks to do it, all my love


every bitsy game you make has me tearing up truly masterful 


This is pure beauty. I simply loved it so much!

this work of art has now a spot in my heart forever <3


You're really talented. You took something so short and simple and made it beautiful and full of emotions. I'm blown away


!!! holy shit. 


This is beautiful 🥲

(1 edit) (+3)

what little emotional stability I had left broke after this but like OH MY DOGE IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL


this is beyond beautiful!!


i'm genuinely crying after playing.thank you for this, it's a gorgeous and evocative little story. not so many people can make something so short that can make you feel so much. <3


this is very beautiful...thanku


absolutely beautiful! wow


Lovely :)

Wow this is deep stuff O_O



was she dying so she wished to visit again tomorrow?




I should visit the ocean again.


this made me smile;-)


Beautiful game.


Thank you for the gam!

I am smashed by how beautiful it is. Really masterful use of Bitsy.


A very tight little poem of a game. Game as short story. I loved it.


My God, what a fairy game!

This music is great!

this song... that feeling... This game is beautiful.

I feel like it's 200 years ago and I'm listening to this story at a campfire. It feels like a folktale.

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