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Thank you. Just thank you.

What a beautiful ending. Thank you for sharing your work <3


I don't like to indulge too much in hyperbole because I feel that it waters down the meaning of hyperbolic words for the next time they would have been appropriate to use.  That said, this is a really beautiful, profound, thoughtful bitsy piece that certainly gave me a lot to think about and feel.  The way in which you managed to express this message so simply and concisely is a mark of true artistic genius and I'll certainly be following your work from here on out.

Excellent <3... I didn't know what to expect but by the third screen I was hooked, this is very elegant. Your visuals are beautiful and the simple shaky text really got me.

this is really beautiful and moving!

I love it! the music works especially well with it. and I love the birde

There are many little details that make your game special, I especially liked the 'wavy' font for the sentences spoken by the ocean, but also the rhyme rhythm of the poem itself. Every aspect seemed to be in flow with each other; the text, the music, the pixel art ... Simply beautiful. Thank you very much for your work on this Bitsy game, which I really liked to recommend on our blog with an article and also uploaded a playthrough video for. <3

Best wishes,

It's so nice how the weather and the colors change with the mood. It's a good reminder that sometimes you just need to... be there for someone. Just being there and listening.

*sobs* the ocean deserves all the good things!!!! your art is so beautiful and the story so good!!

Nice atmosphere thanks to the music, topic and writing style. Thank you for this wonderful small game.

Beautiful. :)

this is beautiful, thanks so much!

Really, really neat! And I love the ending, wraps everything nicely

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